Ant Slayer 

My husband posted awhile ago on some of our challenges we had on our Summer Road trip 2017. This post is way overdue, but life happens…here it goes. I am going to post about the challenges God had me face while my husband and my two older kids were in Mexico on a mission trip. We were visiting the little Danish town Solvang, CA for the day, (go visit if you can such a cute Danish town…which is my heritage) and I kept getting message after message from my family to call my Aunt who planned on coming to stay in a cabin at the next destination Pio Pico Thousand Trails. I finally got a hold of my Aunt and found out she could not come out and has to cancel her trip. I totally understood the circumstances, but deep down I knew I would have to figure out how to get around San Diego all by myself with my two little girls in tow and park the big Ford truck (Skittles). This is a fear of mine going to unknown places and trying to navigate the way. 

We arrived at Pio Pico TT on the Friday before my hubby and big kids left for Mexico. We pull up and it seemed to take along time to check in. We start looking for full hook-up sites with water, sewer, and electric so I would not have to dump the gray water tanks. I have never done this task before. We find a site, someone is sitting in it looking like they were saving it which they were. Thousand trail policy is no saving sites, first come first serve. This family was crossing over from the other side. Jon asked them what they were doing and I told Jon to take it to the gate we did not need to have a little argument. We are usually not the fighting type at all…but per policy we wanted TT management to take care of this. Jon went back to the gate to discuss the matter. One of their employees said to Jon, “you might as well take it as gone…the site they were saving.” The employee said she did not have another person to send out to take care of it.” Customer service was already lacking as we rolled in. We have generally had great visits at most of the TT’s, well Pio Pico is not high on my list for great customer service. I had a few more mishaps that were not taken care of in the good customer service catergory. This meant we were headed over to the other side of the campground with no full hook-ups. Guess what???? I was going to learn how to dump the tanks. Oh…the joy!!! I was hoping to use the shower house most of the time, which is not my favorite thing to do, but you got to do what you got to do when you do not want to dump. My 5 year old when upon pulling into our spot for the week started to cry and have severe ear pain. She never has ear pain like this. I was feeling completely defeated and helpless as a Mom. I thought….Oh no…my hubby is leaving tomorrow and I have a sick kid. I started using oils around the outside of her ears for the ear pain and for the fever. She crawled up in my bed and fell asleep on me in the late afternoon. I knew right away she was not feeling well. The next day we get up and ran some errands in Chula Visita which was 15 minutes away for shopping and coffee! I was starting to think my husband was leaving me in the desert for the week. I could totally do Chula Vista and drive there and not get lost. Dropped the gang off at San Diego airport another fear of mine. Airports in a city I do not know creates a lot of anxiousness inside of me. Nailed it!!!! Now off to go do something in the City of San Diego. My friend who knows a friend who used to live in the area sent me lots of attractions to check out. The girls and I found Balboa Park. They wanted to play and run since we had been cooped up driving the day before. Norah was still not feeling 100% so we went back to the camper early on our first day out.

 We came home to ants…crawling on the kitchen island. They were starting to crawl everywhere. I found them crawling up the walls inside and outside of the camper. I despise bugs of any kind….especially those that are not welcomed in our home!!! I started using oils…then they kept coming…they loved whatever I had in the camper. Food perhaps???? I was finding them in my bedroom and in my bed, the clothes drawers. Crawling in the crevices and nook and crannies of the bathroom too. The next day I was armed and ready. I headed into town and bought safe non-toxic ant killer, for the inside and then bought more potent stuff for the outside. I was starting to think we landed on an anthill. I woke up to more ants, crawling in and out of every cupboard. I stayed up one evening and zip locked bagged every food and got rid of every crumb I could find. My camoer was clean!!! Went to town to buy other ant killer…what I was using to kill them killed them spot on, but I found out with ants they come in and tell the others to come too…they take food back to the queen ant. I could have done a whole lesson about ants for home school. I still was finding ants in the bedroom. I don’t eat in my bedroom…so where in tarnation were they coming from?????

We had mouse traps set for other unwelcomed guests and on these traps underneath our dresser drawers…was dry dog food to catch the varmites. That is good and fine except the ants are coming in seeking the food. My husbands drawer was infested with ants. Are you itching yet??? I literally tossed his entire clothing that was in the drawer outside on the picnic table. It looked very suspicious I am sure to some neighbors. I even had to throw some clothing away. 

I spared you any ant photos and decided to put our happy photos of our good times on our trip…while everyday I would go back to the camper and slay more ants. I tried almost every ant spray, granual, trap thing you can think of. I wanted to leave Pio Pico. San Diego was amazing, but the desert part of CA….not my favorite!!! The ortho ant traps worked the best, and the white traps is what I called them worked too…they take the poison back to the queen! The queen then dies! When you have ants crawling all over your bed, walls, cabinets, dresser drawers, you want the queen to die. Ants are amazing creatures really?!?! When they take over your home they become a pest! I was praying constantly for these things to leave. I learned independence on this trip like no other. I put my trust in Jesus constantly even when trials came my way. I dumped the tanks!!!! This is hard for a gal who has a gag reflex to smells!!! I dragged the blue boy….(where your gray water waste goes..) dumped it twice and hooked it back up…whew!!! The girls and I made the best of it…made some amazing memories….to last a lifetime. We left Pio Pico the day after my hubby and kids came back from Mexico. I was over the ants, they were pretty much gone out of the camper when my hubby returned…he got to see the ant slayer evidence and was proud of me because I had to handle it on my own. Rv life just like any lifestyle has its ups and downs. For now….my ant slaying days are over.

She mastered the monkey bars which brought a huge smile to me. I bought ice cream for the girls it was their first time having icecream from a truck.

We found a cool place that had the San Diego bay area animals. Living Coastal Aquatic Center. The girls and I had a great time. We recently learned about sea turtles in our home school studies. 

Mission beach was another favorite of ours. The girls played for hours in the sand and waves.

Rubio’s shrimp and fish tacos were my favorite! Loved the beaches!

We also stumbled upon chicken and waffles in LA Jolla.

Friendly seal in LA Jolla.

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Back to Routine, Checking Into Tall Chief

So we are finally seeing the end to our Mexico Mission Trip and some of the RV issues we experienced. You’ll have to go back in our blog history but first I’ll probably have to write most of the stories. Let’s just say we have had some crazy months of traveling and trying to just simply make it thru each day.

We’ll, “We Are Still Alive” as the Croods say it and we still love this life we live.

For our first site back to a normal We are staying at ome of our regular camps, Tall Chief RV Resort. It’s an Encore Park east of Seattle on the Redmond-Fall City Road. We really like the park and we actually found a site we would always drive by but never thought of parking here. Site 42 is actually very long and really wide. I could park 3 of our 42′ 5ers & probably a 28′ travel trailer or two on it. But don’t tell anyone, they might enjoy it a little too much.
N-E-way, enough with the check-in, time to go work on the trip posts.

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