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Hello and welcome to our side of the road,

A place where “the other side of the fence” is not between two houses but between farms and other wide open spaces. The other side has become the same side and is now a place where being neighborly actually includes our neighbors. Our family loves our personal time but also likes to share life experiences with others. We are a family of two adults, four kids, a four legged kid and a fish that likes to play dead. We live our life in a 430 Square Foot fifth wheel while we pay off debt we gathered from the snake oil sold to us as the “American Dream”. We stay more stationary at the moment as we also save up money and gear up for life on the road.

The dedicated mom & wife, Heather, is also the teacher as we homeschool our kids to provide them with their basic education needs and real life experiences and visits to the places they learn about. History & Geography are learned by actually looking at everything around us along with Physical Education which is done in hiking, swimming, climbing, biking and more. The dedicated father and husband, Jonathan, is currently employed in local government as a Building Plans Examiner, Shop Steward and tech enthusiast. He constantly wants to improve on things both at work, at home and any where he can.

Our blog is for capturing our adventures, our lifestyle, our home and resources and how we share it all. It is a place where we will post about how we witnessed certain events in our own lives, in the lives of others and in our communities in general. There will be articles on the stuff we use, the schooling that’s done and where we go in hopes that it can provide those that we meet or those that are interested with more information for their own use. We know our lifestyle is not for everyone and that how we live it is not even the same as our neighbors one site over, but as we tell our kids we will “always look on the bright side of life.”

We’ll add more posts on our individual family members as time allows but for now please know that we’re on the road with a lot more people then we ever thought we would be. We’re loving the life we have chosen and are happy to be free of this worlds foundations and standing firm on the foundation that our Lord built for us. We will be building support for all, wherever we go while looking for support from Him alone.

Our Big Family That Isn’t

A little under 3 years ago my wife and I were deciding on whether or not we should start to live full-time in an RV with our for kids. We prayed about it we researched it and we kept coming … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come again another day

When your a Seattlite and it has been cloudy and rainy for days, weeks, months, and you are stationary in your RV… What to do with yourself and your 4 kids. We have been told we have had only 6 … Continue reading

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