My husband Jon wrote on our blog back awhile ago a short segment on moving to Georgia. We moved from Washington State to Atlanta, Georgia to help start a mid-week kids discipleship. We had a church planted here from our church in Washington. More on that story later. We drove our F-350 Ford diesel dually…named Skittles which pulled our 5th wheel…named Howard over the river and through the woods. We stopped along the way and saw many friends and family. We also had some hiccups along the way. Skittles decided to break down in Grand Island, Nebraska. We were thankful it happened there, because that is where Jon’s family lives. Our truck was in the shop a little longer than what expected, but when we picked it up it was paid for!!!! God’s provision! We did finally make it to our destination.

The end of October we pulled into our friends driveway and parked Howard for the next few months. It snowed twice in Georgia our first winter! They say here it was not a normal winter. We had a tree branch go through our roof. We now have an amazing new roof on Howard. Three Way Campers fixed Howard’s roof! If you are in the Atlanta area and need repairs, look them up!

The weather was great in October. We had a family camp at Camp Grace. We camped in family bunk houses with full running bathrooms and showers without having to dump any tanks of any kind! We had a great time as family and getting to know our family at our new church… The Square.

We started looking for houses in our new surroundings. We would continue to full-time, but there are no Thousand Trail campgrounds in Atlanta, Georgia. We were excited to start looking for houses. We put in an offer on a house a cute yellow house in Mableton, Georgia. My husband did the inspection on the home, because you can in Georgia and that is what he does for his career and reviews building plans for houses, buildings, etc. It did not inspect well. So the search was on again! Our realtor was great and found a house in close proximity to the church, to work for Jon, and to our friends. We closed on our home January 5th of 2018. We unloaded Howard which did not take long because we did not have a lot. We did not want a big home. We wanted a rambler style home and at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We went from 432 square feet of mobile happiness to 1500 stationary…not knowing what we just did! We went from a whole new state we had never been in before, living in our 5th wheel for almost 3 years, to a sticks and bricks. Oh… and why not add in having my 9 yr old and 6 yr old start public school a month after moving into the house. I spoke to the principal at the school and everything seemed to fit really well and my kids were excited, especially my son. My 6 yr old had a harder time with the transition from going from homeschool to public. Our neighborhood and school are also amazing reasons we are where we are. This will be a year of trying new things and transition to new things and things that seem very foreign to us.

November of 2017 while living at our friends house in our rig a snow storm hit and a tree branch came through our master bedroom. My husband made the decision thank goodness to sleep that night in our friends house. When we moved into our Sticks and bricks we took our 5th wheel in to get the roof fixed. We had an amazing job done through Three Way Campers in the Atlanta area. We had an insurance claim that needed to be filed since it was the weather that created the roof damage. We got our rig back a month after moving into our home and we have a single gal from church who rents it from us. I am glad it sits outside our home, but I go over so many memories of living in it in my head and heart. If you choose to live in a sticks and bricks or a home on wheels or a complete different way of living….they all of their ups and downs. Living in our 5th wheel brought our family closer together. We lived in tight quarters, but we lived simple and adventurous lives. We loved meeting new people, it was easy to do in the campgrounds we were at then living in a home. I will have to say though one of our neighbors in our new neighborhood came over and met us the first day we moved in.

This Spring and Summer my favorite place to hang out is on our back deck in an Adirondack chair with my cup of coffee and spending time with God and nature out my back door. We were given a lot of furniture and we only bought what we needed when we moved into our house. My husband made us an amazing farm style table which seats 12 people. We love having people over to eat and to fellowship with. I also celebrated my 40th birthday! My missional community of friends took me to Ponce City Market.

Friends if you are traveling through Atlanta stop and say Hi and/or visit the aquarium. It is amazing! The Battery at the Braves stadium, Coca cola factory…check out parks and walking trails, we still get out and seek adventure…it just looks a little different now.

April of 2018 my husband found out his company that contracts with the City of Atlanta was not going to renew their contract which means my husband still has a job, thank the Lord, but had no idea what office in the surrounding area he would be placed at. My husband travels between two offices in the area, but much more of a commute then what we would have thought and did not plan! If you have not heard about Atlanta traffic….it is a REAL thing!

Going through all this change and transition we have been in prayer asking and waiting on the Lord for the next thing, next step, the next!!!! While all this is going on… financially we have struggled probably more than ever. We are very transparent people because it may help someone else who is walking through some of the same situations to not give up, even when the storm keeps going. I felt very much like the Israelites as they wandered in the desert. I also have felt like when Jesus asks Peter to step out of the boat and to trust him. The unknown is scary, I have dealt with bouts of anxiety again which I never thought I would face again. Giving it all up to God. I am not in control of where He wants us or what we are to do. This life in Atlanta, Georgia looks way different then I ever saw it looking. We have had provision happen when least expecting it…..amazing provision!!!! I have faith that will see through all the “cray cray.”

The week before Mother’s day my husband ended up being hospitalized for high blood pressure and they kept him, because 3 years ago we found out he had a heart condition which eventually could lead to heart surgery. Well…we had a doctor’s appointment last week that confirmed surgery, but was a different outcome then what we thought it would be. A better outcome! My husband will have heart surgery on July 25th.

We have had truck problems and now Lucille our Chevy Lumina is having issues too. God is still faithful in all of this.

Does it feel like a whirlwind? Absolutely!!!! I wish sometimes I could make stuff up, but it is totally real life living! Today, I took the kids to the library and then to a consignment store and Lucille would not start when we returned to it. My kids and I prayed for her to start….no start….I called my husband and he said he would leave work and come and get us.

We had not eaten lunch….I had no snacks, water, nothing at all….my essential oil stash is all I had (doTerra.) If you want to know more about these comment below!!! I looked up places to eat nearby in walking distance. We were thankful no rain, yes some humidity, but it was bearable to walk in. We found a good BBQ joint not far from where the car was broken down. I then got a message on my phone 15 minutes into our eating that my husband just got the truck clipped by another car and he was talking with the police. Like I said…sometimes I wish I could make this stuff up….nope!

My husband and the car who side swiped him were ok. I called our roommate to come get the kids. Went back to Lucille to see if maybe she would start one more time. She did not right away, but as my kids and roommate were leaving….Lucy started!!!! Thank you Jesus! I had my roommate follow us home. A few minutes later my hubby got home.

What an afternoon!!!!! Did not plan that happening. We have had so many random things happen to our RV breaking down, to truck issues, to toilets overflowing….you name it! Life happens and we can have a pity party or we can be thankful for the day and move on!

I share all of this transition,because life has transition. We move from one thing to the next….growing through change and hard things too. We have been in Georgia for 7 months and have overcome and gone through many things during our transition of moving here that were not seen. During our full-time living in the RV we also went through so much transition. Transition can be a good thing if we embrace what we are given even in hard circumstances. Do I like to always do this? Ummm….No! I know transition prepares me for the next calling God has for our family. Adventure is everywhere….you have to maybe look for it in different places. We will press on!!!!

On a side note… our rig is for sale. We would love for Howard to go to a full-time family. Comment if you are interested.

About Heather

I am a Jesus lover, an educator at home with my 4 kids. I love to read when I have time. I have been told I am crafty. I love to sing and be silly, I don't do this enough! Laughter is good for the soul. I like dark chocolate, outdoors, a good cheeseburger, thai food junkie, which I don't get enough of, and time with my family.
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