A Move in His Will

Well today is the day we pack HOWARD up and head to Atlanta.

Peter stepped out of the boat and one of my favorite movie characters did this leap of faith to save a loved one. Our clip, if you will, is to drive out of the current state we are in and that “state” is not just physical and mental but also spiritual.


This entire journey has been a huge leap of faith stretching over the past couple of years, we just didn’t see how God was putting all of the pieces in place until recently. Here are a couple of similarities with the video clip:

– We have been called to go help a church start a midweek program and as Pastor Phillip mentioned, he “needs us like yesterday”. A regional manager also made a similar comment when talking about my relocation. Both of these are like when Brody calls to Indiana in the clip that “He needs to hurry”

-this next step is a huge leap of faith for us in to many ways to deeply discuss but include these top three: moving our home across the country and over the great divide, new program at a new church, new job for less pay (cost-of-living).

But yet there has been a sense of calm around all of the fast paced craziness of our recent days. I can only thang God for this as I know it is Him who has shined a light on this path and it is Him who has and will guide our footsteps along it. Indiana had his dad’s journal to guide him, we have our Fathers Journal (The Bible) that has guided us each step.

So off we go. We will miss our friends and family in WA like we miss them NE and AZ but Heather and I know that God has a much bigger plan for us now in GA that will only add to our list of loved ones.

About Jonathan

I am a Jesus lover and follower and always need to read more then I speak. I commute to a full-time stationary job to provide for my loving family. I've read, surfed and listened to more books, blogs, podcasts and videos in the last 10 years commuting on the bus then I have the rest of my life and enjoy what quiet time I get while someone else is driving. I've been diving into writing more and more and feel now, more then ever, is the time to share our experiences. I like to think I'm crafty when I get my tools out and change stuff into something more meaningful. You usually will not find me trying to improve on something unless I'm asleep. I enjoy the outdoors almost as much as I enjoy my family but enjoy sharing my faith with others more then anything. You may not understand my actions or words at times because my child like faith can sometimes be a little to much. Just know that I believe growth happens best when others tell it like it is and not how we want it so please offer your feedback where you would like. Speak Life, Because Hope Can Live or Die - TobyMac
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