Nerf Battle Bonding

Nothing brings the family together like shooting them right??? wp-1462281753156.jpgNot so much but lately it has brought us a little bit more together because of the fun that all of us have been having. One of our latest campsite had a very large tree stump near by it and the site next to us remained empty for a number of days. So our kids made it into a fort, a “Look at me” pedestal but of course a shelter from incoming Nerf bullets.

My 7 yr old son has been into Nerf guns for the longest time and has amassed quite the selection and is now constantly wanting to shoot something. The inner parent in me usually says “take it outside” and the inner boy in me says “I’m coming with”. Well lately that has been the case and we have even got my wife to join in.

We actually like doing these little battles with the whole family. Its fun to see both me and my wife have it out and go after each other. It’s also fun to watch the older two to work on their strategy and teamwork skills. Our little two have fun in their own ways, sometimes collecting bullets for mom or dad and sometimes becoming the cutest little assassins. I will let you k ow that our number one rule is “do not shoot anyone under the age of 5”. Impending screams of terror will result from you even pointing towards them.

20160411_181840  wp-1462281858236.jpg 20160411_182239  20160411_182143


We will need to buy more bullets soon as the forest seems to gobble those little things up very quickly. So if anyone has suggestions on where to look please comment below. And if you have ideas on how to store the guns and bullets without just dumping them in a Rubbermaid tote, I’m all ears.


About Jonathan

I am a Jesus lover and follower and always need to read more then I speak. I commute to a full-time stationary job to provide for my loving family. I've read, surfed and listened to more books, blogs, podcasts and videos in the last 10 years commuting on the bus then I have the rest of my life and enjoy what quiet time I get while someone else is driving. I've been diving into writing more and more and feel now, more then ever, is the time to share our experiences. I like to think I'm crafty when I get my tools out and change stuff into something more meaningful. You usually will not find me trying to improve on something unless I'm asleep. I enjoy the outdoors almost as much as I enjoy my family but enjoy sharing my faith with others more then anything. You may not understand my actions or words at times because my child like faith can sometimes be a little to much. Just know that I believe growth happens best when others tell it like it is and not how we want it so please offer your feedback where you would like. Speak Life, Because Hope Can Live or Die - TobyMac
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