Captian’s Dog – Day #250ish

October 8th was the official day #250 but this post is more about the ish then anything else. I say this because October was a rough month for our family pet and a set back in our financial goals.

Indy on a Log 1

Our dog, Indiana came down with some kind of anemia that still has not been fully discovered. We started to notice him becoming slower and slower just prior to day #250 and then noticed the lack of eating and that he started to collapse and not be able to get up at any given moment. You know something is definitely not right when he won’t eat cheese or a small bit of burger.

It was very scary for us not knowing what was going on with him and no real answers from the emergency vet clinic. We took him in on a Saturday while the kids stayed at my wife’s aunt’s house that way us parents could discuss some hard topics with the docs if need be. Hours later we were given estimates in the thousands and a plan that really didn’t suite our capabilities. So we prayed about it and waited until Monday knowing that this could be the end as that is how the ER place left us feeling. But when I was calling around for end-of-life services for a large dog I also got ahold of our regular vet and they asked that we bring him in for another check and boy am I glad I did.

Our regular vet is a no-nonsense type of gal and when looking him over and asking us all the questions gave it to us straight. There is the possibility that he might not make it through the night but she had hope which gave us hope. So Indy got his second sleep-over at a vet, got an IV and a little bit of food and started perking up at the vets own home because as she put it “I’m to old to be sitting on concrete floors in a vet’s office”.

The next morning I got a call which I had originally thought was “The Call” as I miss heard a voice mail the office had left. “Indy did just fine overnight” sounded to me like “he had just died overnight”. So with a very heavy heart I went to tell my wife that I had to go call them back and that Indy didn’t make it.

To my surprise though he did make it. So we went to pick him up, got his medication and some knew food and took him home with a new hope. Que the Star Wars Music. He has been doing great on his recovery and is almost back to 90%+. So what was wrong, we still don’t know for sure but we had switched his food a couple of different times. He was on Pedigree for large breeds in their adult formula and noticed that he wasn’t taking well to the switch they made in their formula. All of the changes might have been too much for him. Either way our Indiana is back on his feet taking new adventures with us on a regular basis now.

About Jonathan

I am a Jesus lover and follower and always need to read more then I speak. I commute to a full-time stationary job to provide for my loving family. I've read, surfed and listened to more books, blogs, podcasts and videos in the last 10 years commuting on the bus then I have the rest of my life and enjoy what quiet time I get while someone else is driving. I've been diving into writing more and more and feel now, more then ever, is the time to share our experiences. I like to think I'm crafty when I get my tools out and change stuff into something more meaningful. You usually will not find me trying to improve on something unless I'm asleep. I enjoy the outdoors almost as much as I enjoy my family but enjoy sharing my faith with others more then anything. You may not understand my actions or words at times because my child like faith can sometimes be a little to much. Just know that I believe growth happens best when others tell it like it is and not how we want it so please offer your feedback where you would like. Speak Life, Because Hope Can Live or Die - TobyMac
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