Being a helpful mover

My wife and I have talked numerous times about using what we have to help others who do not and we have offered several times to help out where we could. This has ranged from donating what we could to homeless on the streets or to the use of our vehicles at any point in time. There are even times when you’ll find us donating time to help a friend in need with a meal, cleaning or even handyman services. We really take the phrase “see a need, fill a need” to heart. Our latest occurance of giving came with so many new opportunities that we all looked forward to the challenges of the day that would give us a glimpse in to our new life.

On a regular basis one of us is on Facebook in a group called Full Time Families where you can ask about anything from general RV maintenance to what are people doing during thier current trip and so much more. Late last year, in the week between Christmas and New Years, I saw a post on the page saying someone in WA needed help moving their fifthwheel ( 5er ) and could not afford a typical mover’s rates so close to the holidays. I had toyed with the idea of offering to move people if /and when we could with our new truck and this seemed to be our first real opportunity. So I replied to the post with my offer and a couple of days later we had the plans set. We celebrated New Years Eve with the central time zone so we could get up early the next morning and head south to Ridgefield WA, close to the Oregon border.


Steel trestle bridge on our way south. Sun in the sky and frost in the trees.

We took this opportunity to see how the kids would do in our new-to-us pickup truck that seats six and they didn’t fail to amaze. They slept a little and “are we there yet” was said a couple of times but for a full day of traveling, they did great. The only thing I would change is to not take the new Christmas toy microphone that plays the song “Let it go” over and over and over and…you get the point.

I also took this opportunity to learn how the truck would do on the drive both for mileage and then handling when towing. I had pulled some construction equipment on a flatbed when I was in college but that was years ago. My only more recent experiences towing were pulling our old pop-up camper with our Armada. Totally different setup and about 6,000 lbs heavier but I knew to just go slow and take my time.

my way of measuring and leveling things when I don't have the correct tools.

my way of measuring and leveling things when I don’t have the correct tools.


We arrived and met up with the family, I had only known from a couple of Facebook posts and proceeded to hookup and help get them ready to go. We would be moving them a little over 100 miles to Eatonville WA, which is closer to Mt. Rainier where they had family. We had no time constraints so again, we took it easy let the family get the final items loaded up into the truck and trailer and then burned some D up and down the hills to our destination. The morning had started out cold with frost in the trees but by the middle of the day it was nice and warm and ended up being a great sunny day to just view the beautiful WA country side.


All hooked up and almost ready to go


The drive to the destination went without a hitch (excuse the pun as we actually have a rather large hitch) and the truck pulled the 5er like a champ. There were a couple of things to take note though being my first time back with a large rig behind me: 1) Find out the height of the trailer and components on top (just in case) as not knowing can be nerve racking on back country roads that have bridges. 2) Know your estimated weight, again for those back country bridges. 3) Take the corners wide, use your blinkers and always show confidence in your driving skills to your family and the vehicles around you. 4) Research your route… Luckily, before we left, I had used Google Street view to take a look at some of the more precarious intersections. The 5er’s owner had also discussed the driveway approach at the destination and suggested that I come in from the back side of the same road that I was planning on using and I’m glad he did. The normal way would have been way to sharp of a turn to back in. In hind-sight, zoom out on your map to see if there are multiple ways to your destination. So taking the suggested route I still had to back in the last 100 yards but it was way easier then the other way. It took a couple of times to adjust going up a hill, avoiding the neighbor trying to leave and then into the driveway but we got it done fairly quickly and dropped the rig right where the family wanted it. And with the brand new view they have, I cannot blame them for wanting to move here.


So all in all it was a great day. We met a new family, took a nice long drive with the entire family to see some new places and learned some new things for our new life. A great way to staart the new year and our new life.

Thanks God for pulling it all together like you did.

On our way home we had to stop for a great view of Mt. Rainier in the glow of the setting sun. The best spot just happened to be this church

On our way home we had to stop for a great view of Mt. Rainier in the glow of the setting sun. The best spot just happened to be this church


About Jonathan

I am a Jesus lover and follower and always need to read more then I speak. I commute to a full-time stationary job to provide for my loving family. I've read, surfed and listened to more books, blogs, podcasts and videos in the last 10 years commuting on the bus then I have the rest of my life and enjoy what quiet time I get while someone else is driving. I've been diving into writing more and more and feel now, more then ever, is the time to share our experiences. I like to think I'm crafty when I get my tools out and change stuff into something more meaningful. You usually will not find me trying to improve on something unless I'm asleep. I enjoy the outdoors almost as much as I enjoy my family but enjoy sharing my faith with others more then anything. You may not understand my actions or words at times because my child like faith can sometimes be a little to much. Just know that I believe growth happens best when others tell it like it is and not how we want it so please offer your feedback where you would like. Speak Life, Because Hope Can Live or Die - TobyMac
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